Saturday, May 31, 2008

GameLog 41

FM08 (10h) - Gateshead, season 2, Winners - Cruised to victory with no cup to distract me. The team is looking solid with most rated at Div1 level. The end of year fire sale helped me get 40% under wage budget for next year with some better coaches into the mix.

Another secret to raising cash for low league teams is to get in early to arrange friendlies with high ranked teams. Even in BSN I was able to get Sheffield Utd and other Championship teams to come for a friendly at our place so we can fleece their supporters. +100K in one month is enough to get you into the good books financially.

Guitar Hero III (4h) - It's pretty good filler between tea time and scrapheap challenge, or when cameron needs to be entertained. Played a little into medium mode, but keep returning to "Cliffs of dover" for that really good rockout feeling.

Bladestorm PS3 Demo (1h) - Tried it again to see if it was worth picking up. Didn't get very good reviews, but it looks pretty indepth for the unit advancement. Might be bargain bin material.