Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gamelog 37

Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword (18h) - Downloaded an upgrade for Road to War mod and restarted my scenario. The inflation eventually crippled me in the previous scenario and it was just not fun anymore straining to even support a tiny army.

ANZAC Day was on friday and it was particulary apt to play the Aussies in the Pacific theatre of WWII over the holiday weekend. There was an excellent doco on the Gallipoli Sub that coincided well with my 12 subs used to keep tabs on the Japan / China war

Trackmania Nations Forever(10h) - Found out that TMNF was released the night before the finals of CCG, so i grabbed a copy of it to use as a demo for next CCG season. I also took my box in to set up and demonstratoe how the game should really be played. Essentially the same game with more variety of tracks and dirt too. Much cleaner interface to emphasize the competition too.

There is a steam version, but I've stuck to the standalone version as i needed it to burn to CDs as prezzies for the CCG kids, as well as poo-poooing steam and it's klunkiness. Nearly downloaded it again thru steam when I found out how hard it is trying to add friends that I know are playing thru steam :/.

Dwarf fortress (2h) - Lunchtime fun at work.

TrackMania Nations (1h) - Finals of Competitive Computer Games for Summer 08. Gratz to Matthew Leacy for taking out a VERY tight finals.