Monday, October 09, 2006

Competitive Computer Games @ St Luke's

Well, the proposal has been approved. St Luke's now has eSport as a co-curricular activity!

It's taken a while to get the proposal together and submitted in an appropriate manner, but it's actually been quite a smooth process. The Principal had seen the concept in the right light straight away and saw athe potential to develop eSport as another facet to St Luke's reputation of leading the way. Heads of Department pushed it through with little fuss, even giving some positive feedback about the potential impact on the student populace. Most of the infrastucture is in place already, all we need is the games ...

FIFA'06 looks to be the clear favourite for its competitive angle in WCG, the ability for all the school to play, the obvious cross-comparisons to soccer itself, and the absence of violence that is commonly associated with computer games. It might be backed up by TrackMania, mainly for it's progression potential through to ESWC and also it's nifty free pricetag.