Thursday, August 02, 2012

GameLog 261-263

Football Manager 2012 (40h) - Boston Utd (2015 League 2: 12th) - Finished the season with a strong mid-table showing, even though I was in with a shot of the title by the midpoint of the season. When the doldrums hit the team it toook longer than usual for them to shake it off and found ourselves 10 points shy of the playoffs. That's more or less where we stayed as hunting for new talent to take us up next season was my main priority. 
Kongregate: Chronicles of Blood (20h) - Veeyar 22 - fB game converted to Kongregate. What's keeping me in the game are the random drops and crafting. This combined with trading makes for an interesting path for developing your character.

Warlock (15h) - Some updates added heroes and it makes another interesting part of the game. The AI is still floundering though, I can't figure out whether they don't expand fast enough or get locked into massive troops and stagnate themselves, but by the time I want to go to war, I'm ploughing through them with no real resistence.

What I'd like is a ratchet system like Empire Deluxe where I can specify how much more of an advantage I give them, then the trick is to see how high you can put them and still eek out a win.

Sins of a solar empire (12h) -  Steam sale. Picked up a couple of copies to try out at LAN. One loong game over 7h, and a couple of multiplayer attempts.

Kongregate: assorted (10h) - Kong is turning out to be more alive than I thought, but is also bringing in major MMO's from the interwebs.

Kongregate: Berserk Cataclysm (2h) -Ticking over the attempts at taking my lands. Somewhere between Stronghold kingdoms and Chronicles of Blood in this game's lifecycle.

Stronghold Kingdoms (1h) - Popped in to see how my castles have withstood any attacks and they have done pretty well. Lot a couple though, so it's not on the gaming radar anymore.