Monday, April 18, 2011

GameLog 189 - 195

Wow, 6 weeks since a GameLog.

Shogun: total war 2 (95h) - Played througha couple of campaigns to get the feel of it, and have just about finished a legendary campaign for the Shimazu. I'm afraid that the Tokugawa are only a couple of turns away from winning though. Plays really well, and feels like a well polished version of the original.

Grepolis 2 (15h) - High Notes alerted me to a new version of Grepolis, but I missed the start due to teaching. I'm 4 days behind, but keeping pce with the leaders. Currently 400th on server. Virus seems fresh and active, so I think that'll make the game stay in rotation for a while.

League of Legends (10h) - Off and on again relationship with LoL. Pretty much only play with brothers or at LANs now. Versus AI has been a nice change and I'm surprised they are offering IP for it.

Hoard (9h) - Been following this for the 360, and it's finally made a debut on steam. A little bit buggy, but an excellent LAN game.

Dragon Age Legends (3h) - Facebook game from Soren Johnson. Plays Ok, but still is a little light on for me to take it seriously.

Minecraft (3h) - Little bit of LAN filler. New versions are coming out a lot more regularly now, so it's good that it's getting more assets and ideas. Feels more and more like Dwarf Fortress ...

Feels like I'm missing a few, but that'll do for now ...