Thursday, February 19, 2009

GameLog 79

Civ4:BtS Fall from Heaven II mod (20h) - Bit more on the elven game, but the main use was original Civ4:BtS at the LAN on Friday / Sat. It plays Ok as a LAN game, but is very intensive. There's no real time that you can have a break without everyone stopping, and since the games are 4+ hours long it cen feel a bit like you're locked in to playing. Downloaded the latest Road to War but haven't tried it

Skate 2 (15h) - Played a couple of ranked games online as well as freeskate and a big dig through create-a-spots. Found some excellent sail launchpads in the lighthouse park, as well as a couple of other long grinds. Up over 30 spots now.

PS3 demos (2h): Couple more demos downloaded. Nothing super exciting

Little Big planet (1h) - Tie Jumping with Cameron.