Sunday, October 21, 2012

YASD by way of XCOM

Rookie Smith: First mission of the campaign he allowed an alien to flank him and critical hit, dropping Smith in one shot.    

Captain Medina: Guarding side door when floater came up over the 2 story building. Medina and Bernard  open fired from overwatch, but missed. Floater took aim from 15 paces and critical hit for 9 leaving Medina in a pool of blood. Traumatized, Bernard emptied the clip into it and brought it down.

Colonel Mason: Took a bold step in the raid against Alien HQ but stirred up a nest of Crysalids. The squad took down one, but 2 managed to get through and rip him apart before we could bring them down.

Rookie: While rescuing civilians he bravely stepped in front of another to fend off the last of a Crysalid wave. We are no match with them in hand-to-hand combat. Gutted. 

Colonel Williams: Long serving sniper took a muton grenade in the opening exchange. Her cover was also reduced to rubble, allowing a 2nd muton plasma shot to take her out before she could react.

Colonel Van Damme: Gifted assault trooper who served well as front line subduer. Attempted to gain good position on the outside of a window against the initial target when she startled a berserker, 2 elite mutons and 2 mutons. A muton grenade removed the wall, then a critical shot by an elite muton and a berserker charge took her down. She remained critically wounded, but the berserker and elite mutons kept the only other medic at bay for one turn too many.

Colonel Sanchez: Extremely gifted sniper made the ultimate sacrifice.